Communicating conservation

A program to establish best practice parameters for public gardens in pursuing conservation and biodiversity, established by the Association, BGCI, and the United States Botanic Garden.


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Reports on the five core topic areas: Leadership & Governance, Ex situ Conservation, In situ Conservation, Research & Expertise, and Education & Communication, will provide your garden’s leadership and stakeholders with quantifiable statements on plant conservation and biodiversity accomplishments and efforts. You can answer questions like:

  • What is my garden doing for plant conservation, and how do we support international plant conservation strategies?
  • What unique conservation contributions is my garden making in my region, budget size, country, and continent?
  • Where is conservation capacity missing in my garden, region, country, and continent?


Don’t just take our word it, hear first-hand what garden leaders are saying about conservation and biodiversity benchmarking.

“It’s important for all teams in a public garden… to understand what conservation work is being done by the garden, what gaps exist, and what opportunities might exist.”

– Susan Pell
Deputy Director, Science & Public Programs Manager, United States Botanic Garden

Leadership_Michael S. Dosmann

“It’s essential that we understand what our progress is being made towards conservation issues… The only way you’re every going to understand how you’re making progress towards these is to constantly go in and benchmark.”

– Michael Dosmann
Keeper of the Living Collections, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Stephanie Jutila

“Benchmarking shows not only what we’re best at, but also where there’s room for improvement…”

– Stephanie Jutila
Executive Director, Toronto Botanical Garden