Join us in the vibrant city of Boston for the American Public Garden Association Conference in 2024! With a past steeped in rich history, a present dedicated to innovation, and a future shaped by strong commitments to sustainability, Boston provides a perfect backdrop to an unforgettable conference. Embrace the spirit of resilience and progress as you join like-minded individuals from June 24 to June 27, 2024!

Conference Location & Hotel:

Boston Park Plaza 50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street Boston, MA 02116


The conference theme, Rooted in Resilience: A Sustainable Future for Gardens, highlights Boston's historic resilience and the city’s story of overcoming adversity and adapting to change. From playing a crucial role in the American Revolution to surviving disasters, Boston has always persevered and emerged stronger. Today, Boston demonstrates its adaptability through various sustainable initiatives, including its plan to become carbon-neutral by 2050. In Boston, resilience and social justice are intertwined, driving the city's commitment to building a sustainable and equitable society.The conference theme showcases the parallel between Boston's remarkable resilience and the concept of sustainability within the realm of gardens. Public gardens play a vital role in promoting sustainable practices and empowering the next generation of environmental stewards. Through a range of green initiatives, including sustainable horticultural practices, educational programs, and community engagement, public gardens are building stronger communities, promoting access to green spaces, and connecting people with nature.Let us harness our collective resilience to cultivate a sustainable future for gardens! Mark your calendars to be a part of this transformative conference as we come together to shape a sustainable future for generations to come.